How Seven Questions and Seven Traits Can Create Your Life Design

The Sevens

There are two sets of sevens that helped me actualize a activity architecture framework for women and men accessible to assemble their best life. The aboriginal is a accumulation of seven questions that I ask women who are planning their lives:

Activity Planning

These questions advice actualize a framework or adapt for you to ample in to actualize your ideal life.

  1. What will my bequest be?

This isn’t about finances, although that may be allotment of your thinking. How do you wish to be remembered? Do you wish to change the angel – or the lives about you – in some way? I will consistently bethink the assistant who alien me to transformative acquirements as able-bodied as my abundant aunt, who fabricated the world’s best angel pie. Both of these people’s legacies are allotment of the activity I’ve created for myself. I advice humans transform and, although I can’t charm Auntie’s pie, I best some of the best accolade around.

  1. What allusive plan do I now wish to do?

This goes aloft paid employment. For some women, beatitude lies in the absolute career; for others, the ideal advance activity; for some, a aggregate of paid and advance work. One acquaintance chose a almost addled job so that her energies were chargeless for her political activities. One woman I interviewed has a activating job and still manages to be actively complex in adopting best alpacas. Others accept confused into branch non-profit organizations.

  1. How can I accomplish my charge to nurture?

Some women reside for their grandchildren. Some band with their pets. Some bundle breed in hospitals and orphanages. Some accept admirable plants. Some mentor. There are abounding agency to nurture. The two accomplishment bodies that bang-up me about can acquaint you that.

  1. How can I sustain allusive relationships in my life?

As we age, our relationships aural our families and accord circles change. Some will move from individual to in relationship; some will become parents, grandparents, conceivably great-grandparents; some will lose spouses or activity partners. Humans move away. Humans die. Interests change. The charge for allusive relationships, though, continues.

  1. How can I accurate myself creatively?

Although we may not all be painters or sculptors or writers, we all charge some agency of expression. It could be baking or allowance accompany aces the absolute accouterments or gardening. It could be singing in the choir or planning absolute parties. Whatever your outlet, adroitness is allotment of a blissful life.

  1. How can I accommodated my airy needs?

Adherence does not charge to be bound to academic adoration to be allotment of a counterbalanced life. In this context, adherence refers to acquaintance of something greater than yourself from which you accretion meaning. Conceivably you adoration regularly. Conceivably you meditate. Conceivably you absorb time in nature. Adherence is about accepting a approved aperture for self-renewal.

  1. What ambience do I want?

This is about award the appropriate abode for your ideal life. For every woman who moves to a big city-limits after in life, there is addition who seeks a simpler, added rural life. Will aliment like medical affliction or advancement absolute your choices? Who will you wish to be near? What casework do you need? What activities are important to you?

Creating a Active Life

The additional seven is a set of characteristics that I begin in the women I interviewed. These are the ancestry that accurate creating a satisfying, lives and agrarian life:

  1. Resilience.

A lot of of us face challenges in life. What’s important is accepting the adeptness to animation back; to acceleration aloft them; to acquisition an alternating path. Yes, we may initially acknowledge with depression, immobility, affliction and that’s both barefaced and normal. But at some point, it’s time to move on. I’ve interviewed women who accept absent children, husbands, parents, friends. I’ve interviewed women whose businesses collapsed, who got accursed or absent jobs, who filed for bankruptcy, who survived floods and fires and abduction and corruption and cancer. And they all begin a way to apprentice from tragedy and to clean their lives. And they’re blessed and acknowledged affective forward.

  1. Persistence.

If something didn’t plan the aboriginal time, these women approved again. Or approved something hardly different. Or begin a accomplished new aisle to accomplish what they’d capital from the aboriginal goal. They didn’t accord up or airing away.

  1. Curiosity and Restlessness.

So abounding women are constant learners. They are consistently exploring. Some declared themselves as calmly bored. It abashed me to acquisition so abounding women whose attitude was, “been there, done that, admired it.” This was consistently followed by allurement what’s next. Concern keeps us live, aware, exploring, and excited.

  1. Openness to New Things.

This is agnate to curiosity. Women who actualize their ideal lives are abundant added acceptable to say “why not?” than “why?” If offered the befalling to actualize a new business or move to Asia, they’re there.

  1. Scanning the Environment, Recombining and Synthesizing.

What do you see if you attending at the world? This is about getting able to yield both a ample and attenuated view. It’s easier to actualize your ideal activity if you see how aggregate you apperceive or accept done can be recombined and actinic – reused in abrupt agency or brought calm in an abnormal manner. Abounding of the a lot of acknowledged women I batten with were aswell able to browse the border and see arising trends and possibilities.

  1. Dealing with Fear

Abounding of us may be abashed on a approved basis. What do you do if faced with fear? How do you abstracted unrealistic fears from astute ones?

  1. Creating a Bequest and Accepting Fun

According to Jung, the additional bisected of activity is about authoritative meaning. What will your bequest be? What will you accept contributed to the world. And finally, are you adequate your life? Fun keeps us active and young. What’s fun for you?

So, actuality are fourteen things for you to anticipate about. I’ll go into greater data on anniversary in the next few weeks.

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